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Feline Enrichment

S. Dale

Congrès : 32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia

Steve Dale?s cat Ricky played the piano, and jumped through hoops ? here?s a cat who?s life was totally enriched. Steve is certified by the International Association of Animal
Behavior as a feline and also canine behavior consultant. He?s spoken on this topic and others at meetings including the Conference of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Western Veterinary Conference and North American Veterinary
Conference. He syndicated newspaper column is read in over 100 newspapers, and he is the host of three radio shows about pets and he makes frequent TV appearances.
He?s won many awards including the AVMA Humane Award, and Winn Feline
Foundation Media Award.

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32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia


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