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ESVCE Forum - CABTSG Study day - Emotional Homoeostasis - Stress, the Environment & Behaviour - 11 avril 2007- The Council House, Birmingham (Royaume Uni)


A one-day behaviour meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th April at the Council House Birmingham. The theme for the day will be "Emotional Homoeostasis - Stress, the Environment and Behaviour".


Call for papers

The morning session will comprise of lectures on the meeting theme by invited speakers. In the afternoon the opportunity is given to present research papers and per paper 15-minute will be made available. Papers on the meeting theme "Emotional Homoeostasis - Stress, the Environment and Behaviour" will be welcomed but also free communications relating to any aspect of companion animal behaviour practice or research.

If you wish to submit an abstract for consideration for a paper or poster in the afternoon sessions please do so according to the following instructions:

  • All abstracts must be in English.
  • All abstracts must be no longer than 1 standard manuscript page (A-4 or 8.5 x 11 inches).
  • Please use Microsoft Word for Windows; Times New Roman; 12 point and single spaced.
  • All abstracts MUST include the following information on a separate cover page for the abstract:
    • Full title of presentation
    • All author's initials and surnames
    • Postal addresses of all authors
    • The author for all correspondence should be indicated and email address and telephone number provided for this contact
    • Source of funding, if any, for study
    • Text (on separate page): Title, Introduction (to include the aim of the presentation, Materials and Methods, results, Discussion and Conclusion. No References are requested at this stage.
  • Information on preferred session:
    • Themed session - " Emotional Homoeostasis - Stress, the Environment and Behaviour""
    • Free communications
  • Information on preferred format:
    • Presented paper
    • Poster
    • Either
  • Abstracts can be sent as an e-mail attached document no later than Monday 12th February.
  • No abstracts in other formats will be accepted.
  • No anonymous abstracts will be accepted
  • Participants will be notified as soon as possible of the selections.
  • Manuscripts will then be due no later than 15th March 2006. Details will be included with notification.
  • Please do not submit abstracts if you will not be able to attend the Study Day itself

Applicants whose abstracts are selected for talks or posters will receive complimentary registration to the 2007 Study Day.  Other registrants will be able to attend this meeting for a fee that covers the cost of attendance, coffee and tea breaks and lunch.

Please send abstracts to:

S. der Weduwen
32 Blackburn Road

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice
11 Cotebrook Drive

Tel: 00 44 1244 377365
Fax: 00 44 1244  399228

For general enquiries Email
To contact Sarah directly Email



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