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Guidance for Industry - Estimating the Maximum Safe Starting Dose in Initial Clinical Trials for Therapeutics in Adult Healthy Volunteers
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

11th Annual Meeting of the Italian Association of Equine Veterinarians (Italy - 2005)

Abnormal Behavior In Horses Of Tehran's Ridding Clubs
Mohsen Ahmadinejad* (Bvsc. DVM, PhD); Habibi Porya§ (DVM)

2006 World Congress WSAVA/FECAVA/CSAVA

Understanding how dogs learn: importance in training and behavior modification
Karen L. Overall

2007 North American Veterinary Conference: Small Animal and Exotics Section - Orlando, Florida, USA

Feline Behavior: Can Nutrition Really Make a Difference?
C.A. Beata

Storm and Noise Phobias
T.M. Curtis

32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia

Canine Enrichment
S. Dale

Dealing with Sound Phobias
S. Heath

Dispelling the Dominance Myth
S. Heath

Drugs and Behaviour: What, When and Why?
D. Frank

Feline Enrichment
S. Dale

Feline Housesoiling
S. Heath

Interdog Aggression: When to Intervene?
D. Frank

S. Dale

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Are we all Talking about the Same Cases?
D. Frank

Sexual Behaviour in the Dog: How to Differentiate Normal and Abnormal Behaviour?
P. Pageat

Stress During Hospitalization in Dogs and Cats: Consequences and Prevention
P. Pageat

50th Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, 2004 - Denver, CO, USA

How to Stop Aggression and Other Behavior Problems in Horses Using an Electronic Collar
M. A. Kennedy

65th SCIVAC Rimini International Congress, Rimini (2010)

Eliminazione inappropriata e marcatura urinaria : sintomo di malattia comportamentale
Sabrina Giussani, Isabella Merola

La terapia comportamentale: un punto di incontro tra specialisti
Isabella Merola, Sabrina Giussani

Terapia farmacologica e feromonale dell’eliminazione inappropriata e della marcatura urinaria
Sabrina Giussani, Isabella Merola

American Journal of Veterinary Research

Comparative bioavailability of fluoxetine after transdermal and oral administration to healthy cats
John Ciribassi, Andrew Luescher, Kirby S. Pasloske, Carol Robertson-Plouch, Alan Zimmerman, Liane Kaloostian-Whittymore

Comparison of the effects of adrafinil, propentofylline, and nicergoline on behavior in aged dogs
Christina T. Siwak, Philippe Gruet, Frédérique Woehrlé, Bruce A. Muggenburg, Heather L. Murphey, Norton W. Milgram

Correlation of dominance as determined by agonistic interactions with feeding order in cats
Rebecca J. Knowles, Terry Marie Curtis, Sharon L. Crowell-Davis

Effects of selegiline, phenylpropanolamine, or a combination of both on physiologic and behavioral variables in healthy dogs
Leah A. Cohn, John R. Dodam, Balazs Szladovits

Influence of familiarity and relatedness on proximity and allogrooming in domestic cats (Felis catus)
Terry Marie Curtis, MS Rebecca J. Knowles, Sharon L. Crowell-Davis

Applied Animal Behaviour Science

A comparison of behaviour in test and in everyday life: evidence of three consistent boldness-related personality traits in dogs
Kenth Svartberg

A new technique for monitoring the detailed behaviour of terrestrial animals: A case study with the domestic cat
Shinichi Watanabe, Masako Izawa, Akiko Kato, Yan Ropert-Coudert and Yasuhiko Naito

Assessment of equine temperament questionnaire by comparing factor structure between two separate surveys
Yukihide Momozawa (a), Ryo Kusunose(b), Takefumi Kikusui(a), Yukari Takeuchi (b), and Yuji Mori(a)

Breed-typical behaviour in dogs?Historical remnants or recent constructs?
Kenth Svartberg

Chronic increase of dietary L-tryptophan decreases gentle feather pecking behaviour
Yvonne M. van Hierden, Jaap M. Koolhaas and S. Mechiel Korte

Effects of neonatal handling on subsequent manageability, reactivity and learning ability of foals
Léa Lansade , Magali Bertrand and Marie-France Bouissou

Effects of short-term maternal separations on weaning stress in foals
C.P.H. Moons, K. Laughlin and A.J. Zanella

Ethotest: A new model to identify (shelter) dogs? skills as service animals or adoptable pets
Pia Lucidi, Nicola Bernabò, Michela Panunzi, Paolo Dalla Villa and Mauro Mattioli

Evidence for canine olfactory detection of melanoma
Duane Pickel, Glenda P. Manucy, Dianne B. Walker, Sandra B. Hall and James C. Walker

External factors and reproducibility of the behaviour test in German shepherd dogs in Switzerland
Thomas Fuchs, Claude Gaillard, Sabine Gebhardt-Henrich, Silvia Ruefenacht and Andreas Steiger

Genetic parameters and environmental effects which characterise the defence ability of the Belgian shepherd dog
Jean-François Courreau, and Bertrand Langlois

Heart rate and behavioural responses of dogs in the Ainsworth's Strange Situation: A pilot study
Clara Palestrini, Emanuela Prato Previde, Caterina Spiezio, and Marina Verga

Intercat aggression in households following the introduction of a new cat
E. Levine, P. Perry, J. Scarlett and K.A. Houpt

More than just a word: non-semantic command variables affect obedience in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris)
M. Fukuzawa (a), D.S. Mills (b), and J.J. Cooper (b)

Owner and cat features influence the quality of life of the cat
S. Adamelli, L. Marinelli, S. Normando and G. Bono

Parental care in free-ranging dogs, Canis familiaris
S. K. Pal

Results of a follow-up investigation to a clinical trial testing the efficacy of clomipramine in the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs
J. N. King, , K. L. Overall, D. Appleby, B. S. Simpson, C. Beata, C. J. P. Chaurand, S. E. Heath, C. Ross, A. B. Weiss, G. Muller, B. G. Bataille, T. Paris, P. Pageat, F. Brovedani, C. Garden and S. Petit

Temperament and personality in dogs (Canis familiaris): A review and evaluation of past research
Amanda C. Jones, and Samuel D. Gosling

The effect of early environment on neophobia in orange-winged Amazon parrots (Amazona amazonica)
Rebecca A. Fox and James R. Millam

The efficacy of collar-mounted devices in reducing the rate of predation of wildlife by domestic cats
S.H. Nelson, A.D. Evans and R.B. Bradbury

The influence of olfactory stimulation on the behaviour of dogs housed in a rescue shelter
Lynne Graham, Deborah L. Wells and Peter G. Hepper

The pet dogs ability for learning from a human demonstrator in a detour task is independent from the breed and age
Péter Pongrácz , Ádám Miklósi, Viktória Vida and Vilmos Csányi

The role of the image of a conspecific in the regulation of stereotypic head movements in the horse
D.S. Mills (a), and M. Riezebos (b)

BBC news on line

Rodent Models Used To Analyze Behavior
Stephanie Pace

Behaviour Research and Therapy

A psychometric evaluation of the social skills rating system in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
S. Van der Oord(a), E.M. Van der Meulen(b), P.J.M. Prins(a), J. Oosterlaan(c), J.K. Buitelaar(d) and P.M.G. Emmelkamp(a)

Acute nicotine withdrawal symptoms and anxious responding to bodily sensations: A test of incremental predictive validity among young adult regular smokers
Michael J. Zvolensky, Matthew T. Feldner, Ellen W. Leen-Feldner, Laura E. Gibson, Kenneth Abrams and Kristin Gregor

An abbreviated PTSD checklist for use as a screening instrument in primary care
Ariel J. Lang and Murray B. Stein

An experimental investigation of the impact of biological and psychological causal explanations on anxious and depressed patients? perception of a person with panic disorder
Danny C.K. Lam and Paul M. Salkovskis

Anxiety sensitivity in traumatized Cambodian refugees: A discriminant function and factor analytic investigation
Devon E. Hinton, Vuth Pich, Steven A. Safren, Mark H. Pollack and Richard J. McNally

Body checking and avoidance and the core features of eating disorders among obese men and women seeking bariatric surgery
Carlos M. Grilo, Deborah L. Reas, Michelle L. Brody, Carolyn H. Burke-Martindale, Bruce S. Rothschild and Robin M. Masheb

Brief cognitive-behavioral phone-based intervention targeting anxiety about the threat of attack: a pilot study
Eli Somer, Eitan Tamir, Shira Maguen and Brett. T. Litz

Cognitive therapy for obsessive - compulsive disorder
Kimberly A. Wilson and Dianne L. Chambless

Cognitive variables related to worry among adolescents: Avoidance strategies and faulty beliefs about worry
Patrick Gosselin, Frédéric Langlois, Mark H. Freeston, Robert Ladouceur, Myriam Laberge and Dominique Lemay

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for women with lifelong vaginismus: Process and prognostic factors
Moniek M. ter Kuile, Jacques J.D.M. van Lankveld, Ellen de Groot, Reinhilde Melles, Janneke Neffs and Maartje Zandbergen

Comparisons between rumination and worry in a non-clinical population
Ed Watkins, Michelle Moulds and Bundy Mackintosh

Concurrent excitors limit the extinction of conditioned fear in humans
Bram Vervliet, Debora Vansteenwegen, Dirk Hermans and Paul Eelen

Conducting extinction in multiple contexts does not necessarily attenuate the renewal of shock expectancy in a fear-conditioning procedure with humans
David L. Neumann, Ottmar V. Lipp and Storm E. Cory

Controlled and automatic uses of memory in depressed patients: effect of retention interval lengths
Françoise Jermann, Martial Van der Linden, Stéphane Adam, Grazia Ceschi and Alain Perroud

Development of the Anxiety Change Expectancy Scale (ACES) and validation in college, community, and clinical samples
David J.A. Dozois and Henny A. Westra

Distinctions between separation anxiety and social anxiety in children and adolescents
Robert F. Ferdinand, Ilja L. Bongers, Jan van der Ende, Willemijn van Gastel, Nouchka Tick, Elisabeth Utens and Frank C. Verhulst

Does sound stimulation have additive effects on cognitive-behavioral treatment of chronic tinnitus?
Wolfgang Hiller and Christian Haerkötter

Effects of suppression, acceptance and spontaneous coping on pain tolerance, pain intensity and distress
Ana I. Masedo and M. Rosa Esteve

Enhanced perceptual priming for neutral stimuli occurring in a traumatic context: Two experimental investigations
T. Michael and A. Ehlers

How effective are cognitive and behavioral treatments for obsessive?compulsive disorder? A clinical significance analysis
Peter L. Fisher and Adrian Well

Influence of expressed emotion and perceived criticism on cognitive-behavioral therapy for social phobia
Jason M. Fogler, Martha C. Tompson, Gail Steketee and Stefan G. Hofmann

Multimodal assessment of disgust in contamination-related obsessive-compulsive disorder
Bunmi O. Olatunji, Jeffrey M. Lohr, Craig N. Sawchuk and David F. Tolin

Panic patients reveal idiographic associations between anxiety symptoms and catastrophes in a semantic priming task
Raimund Schneider and Dietmar Schulte

Peritraumatic dissociation and experiential avoidance as predictors of posttraumatic stress symptomatology
Brian P. Marx and Denise M. Sloan

Sequential combinations of drug and cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic insomnia: An exploratory study
Annie Vallières, Charles M. Morin and Bernard Guay

Social phobics do not misinterpret facial expression of emotion
Pierre Philippot and Céline Douilliez

Socially anxious adolescents? perception of treatment by classmates
Anke W. Blöte and P. Michiel Westenberg

The effect of emotional context on cognitive inhibition and attentional processing in dissociative identity disorder
Martin J. Dorahy, Warwick Middleton and Harvey J. Irwin

The effects of self-focused rumination on global negative self-judgements in depression
Katharine A. Rimes and Ed Watkins

The prevention of depressive symptoms in low-income, minority children: Two-year follow-up
Esteban V. Cardemil, Karen J. Reivich, Christopher G. Beevers, Martin E.P. Seligman and Julie James

The relation between worrying and concerns: The importance of perceived probability and cost
Howard Berenbaum, Renee J. Thompson and Eva M. Pomerantz

The relationship between rumination, avoidance and depression in a non-clinical sample
Michelle L. Moulds, Eva Kandris, Susannah Starr and Amanda C.M. Wong

The role of self-blame for trauma as assessed by the Posttraumatic Cognitions Inventory (PTCI): A self-protective cognition?
Mike Startup, Lebogang Makgekgenene and Rosemary Webster

The structural relationships among generalized anxiety, obsessions?compulsions, and depression at the syndrome and sub-syndrome level
Ryan D. Donahue

Trained interpretive bias and anxiety
Elske Salemink, Marcel van den Hout and Merel Kindt

Treatment of obsessive?compulsive disorder: Cognitive behavior therapy vs. exposure and response prevention
Maureen L. Whittal, Dana S. Thordarson and Peter D. McLean

Unwanted memories of assault: what intrusion characteristics are associated with PTSD?
T. Michael, A. Ehlers, S.L. Halligan and D.M. Clark

Verbal, behavioural and physiological assessment of the generalization of exposure-based fear reduction in a spider-anxious population
Debora Vansteenwegen, Bram Vervliet, Dirk Hermans, Roy Thewissen and Paul Eelen

Worry and rumination: Differential associations with anxious and depressive symptoms and coping behavior
Ryan Y. Hong


The importance of dendritic mitochondria in the morphogenesis and plasticity of spines and synapses
Li Z, Okamoto K, Hayashi Y, Sheng M.

Clinical Avian Medicine

Concepts in Behavior - Section I: Natural Science of Behavior
S.G. Friedman (1), T.M. Edling (2) et C.D. Cheney (3)

Concepts in Behavior - Section II: Early Psittacine Behavior & Development
L. Wilson, P. Greene Linden et T. Lightfoot

Concepts in Behavior - Section III: Pubescent & Adult Psittacine Behavior
L. Wilson(1) and T. L. Lightfoot(2)

Clinical Techniques in Small Animal Practice

Fungal Infections of the Central Nervous System in the Dog and Cat
James Lavely DVM, DACVIM, and David Lipsitz DVM, DACVIM


Reduced Calorie And Carbohydrate Diet Slows Progression Of Alzheimer's In Mouse Model

Communiqué de l'AFSSAPS

Bon usage des médicaments dans le traitement des troubles dépressifs et des troubles anxieux de l'adulte - Argumentaire

Bon usage des médicaments dans le traitement des troubles dépressifs et des troubles anxieux de l'adulte - Recommandations

Domestic Animal Endocrinology

Thyroid hormone metabolism in the brain of domestic animals
P. Rudas, Zs. Rónai and T. Bartha


Trouble des conduites chez l'enfant et l'adolescent

International Conference on Environmental Enrichment - August 2005

ICEE Abstracts

Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry

Cognition and Emotion in Borderline Personality Disorder

Implicit and explicit self-esteem in currently depressed individuals with and without suicidal ideation
Erik Franck, Rudi De Raedt, Mieke Dereu and Dirk Van den Abbeele

Is post-event processing specific for social anxiety?
Lydia Fehm, Gesine Schneider and Jürgen Hoyer

Memory of childhood trauma before and after long-term psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder
I.P. Kremers, A.E. Van Giezen, A.J.W. Van der Does, R. Van Dyck and Ph. Spinhoven

Mnemonic intrusions into working memory in psychometrically identified schizotypal individuals
Bruno Kopp

Panic and avoidance in panic disorder with agoraphobia: Clinical relevance of change in different aspects of the disorder
Jonas Ramnerö and Lars-Göran Öst

Sleeping with the enemy: Clock monitoring in the maintenance of insomnia
Nicole K.Y. Tang, D. Anne Schmidt and Allison G. Harvey

The reinforcing effect of contingent attention on verbal perseverations of two children with severe visual impairment
Bruno Facon, Mary Beghin and Vinca Rivière

Journal of Comparative Psychology

The Effect of Human Command Phonetic Characteristics on Auditory Cognition in Dogs (Canis familiaris)
M. Fukuzawaa, D.S. Mills, and J.J. Cooper

Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

Social organization in the cat: a modern understanding
Sharon L. Crowell-Davis*, Terry M. Curtis, Rebecca J. Knowles

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

A community approach to dog bite prevention
American Veterinary Medical Association Task Force on Canine Aggression and Human-Canine Interactions

Aromatherapy for travel-induced excitement in dogs
Deborah L. Wells, PhD

Assessment of stress levels among cats in four animal shelters
Emily C. McCobb, DVM, MS; Gary J. Patronek, VMD, PhD; Amy Marder, VMD; Julie D. Dinnage, DVM; Michael S. Stone, DVM, DACVIM 2005

Association of pruritus with anxiety or aggression in dogs
Mary P. Klinck, DVM; Frances S. Shofer, PhD; Ilana R. Reisner, DVM, PhD, DACVB

Behavioral responses to two intranasal vaccine applicators in horses and ponies
Elkanah H. Grogan, BS, and Sue M. McDonnell, PhD *

Characteristics of compulsive tail chasing and associated risk factors in Bull Terriers
Alice A. Moon-Fanelli, Nicholas H. Dodman, Thomas R. Famula, and Nicole Cottam

Control of urine marking by use of long-term treatment with fluoxetine or clomipramine in cats
Benjamin L. Hart, DVM, PhD, DACVB; Kelly D. Cliff, DVM; Valarie V. Tynes, DVM; Laurie Bergman, VMD

Effect of a synthetic appeasing pheromone on behavioral, neuroendocrine, immune, and acute-phase perioperative stress responses in dogs
Carlo Siracusa, Xavier Manteca, Rafaela Cuenca, Maria del Mar Alcalá, Aurora Alba, Santiago Lavín, and Josep Pastor

Effects of dog-appeasing pheromones on anxiety and fear in puppies during training and on long-term socialization
Sagi Denenberg, DVM; Gary M. Landsberg, DVM, DACVB

Gastric ulcer development in horses in a simulated show or training environment
Scott R. McClure, DVM, PhD; Douglas S. Carithers, DVM; Sheila J. Gross, PhD; Michael J. Murray, DVM, MS

Medical and behavioral surveillance of dogs deployed to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon from October 2001 to June 2002
Cynthia M. Otto, DVM, PhD, DACVECC; Amanda B. Downend, BA; James A. Serpell PhD; Lisa S. Ziemer, VMD; H. Mark Saunders, VMD, MS, DACVR

National survey of owner-directed aggression in English Springer Spaniels
Ilana R. Reisner, DVM, PhD, DACVB; Katherine A. Houpt, VMD, PhD, DACVB; Frances S. Shofer, PhD *

New scale interprets pain from feline facial expressions
Katie Burns

Prevalence of house soiling and aggression in kittens during the first year after adoption from a humane society
John C. Wright, PhD, and Richard T. Amoss, BA

Randomized, controlled clinical trial of the efficacy of fluoxetine for treatment of compulsive disorders in dogs
Mami Irimajiri, Andrew U. Luescher, Genefer Douglass, Carol Robertson-Plouch, Alan Zimmermann, and Rebecca Hozak

Systematic review of the use of pheromones for treatment of undesirable behavior in cats and dogs
Diane Frank, Guy Beauchamp, and Clara Palestrin

Underlying medical conditions in cats with presumptive psychogenic alopecia
Stephen E. Waisglass, DVM; Gary M. Landsberg, DVM, DACVB; Julie A. Yager, BVSc, PhD; Jan A. Hall, BVM&S, DACVD

Veterinarian-client-patient communication patterns used during clinical appointments in companion animal practice
Jane R. Shaw, DVM, PhD, Brenda N. Bonnett, DVM, PhD, Cindy L. Adams, MSW, PhD, Debra L. Roter, DrPH

La recherche

Le cerveau et l'amour
Olivier Postel-Vinay

Le Quotidien du Pharmacien

Du bon usage des antidépresseurs
David Paitraud

Faut-il choisir entre l'âme et le corps ?
Propos recueillis par Patricia GARRIGUES et Didier DOUKHAN

Humeurs sur ordonnance - M. Benoît C., 26 ans

Humeurs sur ordonnance - Mlle Orange D., 49 ans

Humeurs sur ordonnance - Mme Patricia T., 79 ans

Les chemins de la guérison
Didier Doukhan

Les voies neuronales des psychotropes
Didier Rodde

Petit lexique des maladies mentales
Nicolas Tourneur

Plongée aux sources des tics et des TOC
C. N.

Psychotropes ou méthode douce ?
Christine Nicolet

Questions pour les neurones

Un pharmacien à l'écoute de ses clients
Charles Ducroux

Une schizophrénie bien diagnostiquée
Charles Ducroux


Alzheimer's symptoms reversed in mice
Roxanne Khamsi

Friendly foxes are cleverer
Emma Marris


Genetic Regulation of Behavioral and Neuronal Responses to Fluoxetine
Brooke H. Miller, Laura E. Schultz, Anisha Gulati, Michael D. Cameron and Mathew T. Pletcher


A Meta-Analysis of Studies of Treatments for Feline Urine Spraying
Daniel S. Mills, Sarah E. Redgate, Gary M. Landsberg

The Welfare Consequences and Efficacy of Training Pet Dogs with Remote Electronic Training Collars in Comparison to Reward Based Training
Jonathan J. Cooper, Nina Cracknell, Jessica Hardiman, Hannah Wright, Daniel Mills

Revue de presse de l'AVMA

Dog Bite Fact Sheet

Dog Bite Prevention Message Points

What you should know about dog bite prevention (brochure)


MiR-16 Targets the Serotonin Transporter: A New Facet for Adaptive Responses to Antidepressants
Anne Baudry, Sophie Mouillet-Richard, Benoît Schneider, Jean-Marie Launay, Odile Kellermann

The Veterinary Journal

Human behavior preceding dog bites to the face
P. Rezac, K. Rezac, P. Slama


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