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Concepts in Behavior - Section III: Pubescent & Adult Psittacine Behavior

L. Wilson(1) and T. L. Lightfoot(2)

Revue : Clinical Avian Medicine

(1) Levittown, PA, USA.
(2) Florida Veterinary Specialists, Tampa, FL, USA.

The prevalence of captive-raised psittacines as pets and the ensuing problem behaviors have become critical issues for veterinarians as well as aviculturists and parrot owners. Ethological considerations should occupy a large area of future study, concern and advancement.

The terms adolescent and puberty in this chapter are used to identify the period of development during which hormonal changes play an active role in both the initiation of reproductive capacity and associated variations in temperament. Recognition of the role of sexual hormones in psittacine behavior is critical to the interpretation and modification of behavior.

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Clinical Avian Medicine, Harrison G.J. and Lightfoot T.L. (Eds.)



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