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Multimodal assessment of disgust in contamination-related obsessive-compulsive disorder

Bunmi O. Olatunji, Jeffrey M. Lohr, Craig N. Sawchuk and David F. Tolin

Revue : Behaviour Research and Therapy

The present study utilizes multiple methods to examine the relationship between disgust and contamination-related obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms in an analogue sample. Questionnaire findings revealed that participants with high OCD contamination concerns showed stronger disgust sensitivity than did participants with low OCD contamination symptoms after controlling for negative affect. High OCD participants (N=30) also reported significantly more disgust than did low OCD participants (N=30) when exposed to a disgust-inducing video, whereas no significant between-group differences were detected on other negative emotional dimensions. Results from a series of disgust-specific behavioral avoidance tasks (BATs) revealed that high OCD participants demonstrated both less compliance and less approach behavior. Subsequent analysis also revealed that disgust sensitivity generally mediated avoidance on the BATs among high OCD subjects. High OCD participants also rated the BATs as more fearful and disgusting than did low OCD participants, with disgust generally emerging as the dominant emotional response. The results are consistent with a disgust-based, disease-avoidance approach in understanding contamination-related OCD themes.

Keywords: Contamination; OCD; Disgust; Fear; Emotions; Behavioral Avoidance

Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 615 322 28743; fax: +1 615 343 8449.

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Behaviour Research and Therapy, Volume 45, Issue 2 , February 2007, Pages 263-276



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