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Dispelling the Dominance Myth

S. Heath

Congrès : 32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia

Over recent years there has been an increasing interest in the application of what we know about wolf behaviour to our understanding of the behaviour of our domestic dogs. While this may have helped to increase our appreciation of
some of their natural behaviours, we have to acknowledge that there are
limitations to the application of information across species boundaries. One of the aspects of wolf behaviour that has been repeatedly applied to our own relationships with our pets has been that of hierarchy and relative status. There has been a lot written about dominance and the behavioural problems that are believed to be associated with it but recently a better understanding of the emotional basis of canine behaviour has resulted in a questioning of the dominance story and a belief that there is an alternative explanation for the ?challenging? behaviours which have traditionally been interpreted as ?dominant? gestures.

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32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia


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