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S. Dale

Congrès : 32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia

Classes for kittens are, in part, based on Guidelines created by the American association of Feline Practitioners. If puppies can attend kindergarten, why not kittens? Just as socializing dogs saves lives, the same turns out to be true for cats2. For one thing, people are more likely to tote their cats to a vet's office if they're willing subjects. The classes are an effective method for kitties to be desensitized to their carriers, to strange people even to dogs. Getting out in the world is enriching! When it comes down to it, puppy classes are about teaching people - same is true here, and topics included are why de-claw is not necessary and litter box. What's more, you can train a cat to do things; the benefits of clicker training for cats are discussed.

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32nd World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, 2007 - Sydney, Australia


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