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Accueil veterinaires comportementalistes Publications internationales veterinaires comportementalistes Brief cognitive-behavioral phone-based intervention targeting anxiety about the threat of attack: a pilot study

Brief cognitive-behavioral phone-based intervention targeting anxiety about the threat of attack: a pilot study

Eli Somer, Eitan Tamir, Shira Maguen and Brett. T. Litz

Revue : Behaviour Research and Therapy

Received 9 September 2003; revised 26 April 2004; accepted 18 May 2004. Available online 28 July 2004.

A brief, cognitive-behavioral, phone-based intervention was employed with an Israeli sample experiencing anticipatory anxiety about potential war-related attacks. In this quasi-experimental controlled pilot study, the cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention (diaphragmatic breathing and a modified cognitive-restructuring technique) was compared with the standard hotline care administered when worried citizens called a mental health emergency hotline in Israel. Individuals (n=32) were administered anxiety and worry measures pre-intervention, post-intervention, and three days post-intervention. The results indicated that anxiety levels decreased for the experimental and control group immediately post-intervention; however, three days later, the levels of anxiety in the CBT group continued to decline, while anxiety levels in the control group reached pre-intervention levels on two of the three outcome measures. These results suggest that CBT can be effectively delivered by paraprofessionals over the phone, which is cost-effective and efficient. Limitations are considered, and implications for treating individuals coping with the threat of terrorism are discussed.

Keywords: Phone-based cognitive behavioral therapy; Israel; Potential threat; Worry

Corresponding author. Israel Institute for Treatment and Study of Stress, 5 David Pinsky Street, Haifa, 34351, Israel. Tel.: +972-4-8370214; fax: +972-4-8360493.

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Behaviour Research and Therapy - Volume 43, Issue 5, Pages 669-679 (May 2005)



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