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Development of the Anxiety Change Expectancy Scale (ACES) and validation in college, community, and clinical samples

David J.A. Dozois and Henny A. Westra

Revue : Behaviour Research and Therapy

a - Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, London, Ont., Canada N6G 5C2
b - York University, Canada

Received 6 July 2004; revised 22 December 2004; accepted 28 December 2004. Available online 19 March 2005.

This study investigated the psychometric properties of a newly developed 20-item instrument that assesses one's anticipation of being able to change anxiety: the Anxiety Change Expectancy Scale (ACES). Study 1 evaluated the ACES in undergraduate university students, self-identified as experiencing difficulties with anxiety. Study 2 examined the ACES in a community sample of persons with anxiety difficulties. Study 3 tested the utility of the ACES in predicting treatment change in a group of individuals with generalized anxiety disorder participating in group cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety. Across these samples, the ACES demonstrated excellent internal reliability (coefficient alphas=.89?.92) as well as good convergent, divergent, and factorial validity. The ACES was also significantly predictive of treatment-related changes in somatic anxiety symptoms and worry. The results of these studies provide strong support for the ACES as a reliable and valid measure of expectancies for changing anxiety.

Keywords: Anxiety; Expectancy for change; Efficacy Expectancy; Cognitive behavioral therapy; Hope

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Behaviour Research and Therapy - Volume 43, Issue 12 - Pages 1655-1672



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